Social Responsibility

The Company perceives Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a core value and has a deep seated commitment to its community. The importance of social and environmental factors to business sustainability underlies the Company’s active participation in environmental conservation as its form of responsibility to the local community. Such commitment has been exercised since the day the Company started operation.

The following are considerations to the Company’s commitment :

  • Global demands for proper implementation of CSR
  • CSR as an aspect of Good Corporate Governance.
  • The increase of public attention on issues of business ethics and accountability
  • The expectation that the Company and the surrounding environment can grow together in harmony

The implementation of CSR activities around the Company is not only expected to bring benefit to the Company but also to the local community. The Company has organized some CSR activities which were realized out of the designated budget. Activities given are assistance in nature while delivery of charity is aimed at building better relations between the Company and the local people.

Participation in Local Social Life

Various assistance has been given to the community and social institutions around the company, given regular assistance for activities around the Plant Office, assistance for renovating the SDN 10 Sungai Rambutan Library which was inaugurated on February 15, 2018 as well as providing compensation for orphans from the Orphanage Al-Yamin Foundation. Such assistance is expected to be beneficial to the local community and bring

Participation in Education 

The company also took part in improvement of education quality of people around the company. In 2018, realization  of assistance program for education was focused on supply of scholarship or bright elementary junior, and high school students of low income families around the company.





Participation in Religious Affairs

The Company participated in religious affairs by providing donation to build Mosques and purchase sacrificial animals. With respect to the Mosque construction, the Company has donated money and building materials (cement, bricks, stirrup, wood, and others). Sacrificial animals were delivered during Eid-al Adha, and during Ramadhan, the Company organized Iftars/Ramadhan Dinners with the local communities, in which the Company donated sarong, Muslim wear, and other praying equipment. In 2017, the Company also provided donation to renovate the Al-Hidayah Mosque and the addition of ablution facilities of Sungai Rambutan Village, Indralaya Utara District, Ogan Ilir Regency. The Company also provided sacrificial cows for the Sei Rambutan’s residents in honor of Eid-al Adha.



Participation in Sports

The Company took part in a couple of sports to support healthy live of the local community’s.